- White iPhone 4


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Terms of Conditions 

  1. When you visit and/or order from WhiteiPhone4Now.com, you agree and are bound by the "Terms of Conditions" at any time without prior notice
  2. These are the highest quality parts on the market, same glass and display in the black iPhone 4.
  3. Items on the site are sold as non-OEM parts, as Apple has not release an actual White iPhone 4 publicly. 
  4. WhiteiPhone4Now.com are only selling iPhone 4 repair parts and are not responsible for what you do with them in anyway. 
  5. WhiteiPhone4Now.com attempts to have its product descriptions as accurate as possible, but errors may occur
  6. Everything sold from the site is "AS IS", once we hand off the package containing your iPhone 4 parts to the delivery service providers such as Fedex or USPS, we are not responsible for what happens to that package and its content onwards.
  7. You understand that you will be voiding your warranty automatically upon opening up and modifying the iPhone 4.
  8. We do not provide technical support for the item sold on this site other than referring customers to other websites that offers such support.
  9. We will not be responsible for any accident or loss of money from the process of modifying your iPhone 4.
  10. We only accept payments through PayPal. You can pay using your credit card with PayPal securely.
  11. Orders will be shipped by either USPS, EMS or DHL.
  12. iPhone 4 parts sold on this site are non refundable, No Returns, Exchanges or Credit. All sales of this item are final.
  13. Parts sold on the site are as repair parts.

Return Policy:

Due to the nature of the item we're selling, we will not accept returns. We'll verify that all parts are in top functional condition before shipping them out.