- White iPhone 4


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White iPhone 4



White iPhone 4 Conversion Kit

Release date for the White iPhone 4 has been delayed until Spring of 2011 and some even speculated that it may never see an official launch!

Own the black iPhone 4 but want the White model? We offer competitively priced parts needed to convert your current black iPhone 4 to a White iPhone 4 yourself (or a technician) with this easy to follow guide.


White iPhone 4 Owners: 5OO

Black iPhone 4 Owners: 14,OOO,OOO

Disclaimer: Pulling out your White iPhone 4 in public may attract crowds of people gathering around you.

What's Included in the Full Kit?

White Back Panel (Pre-Assembled)

- Back Glass with Camera Lens & LED Diffuser
- Supporting Plate
White Front Panel (Pre-Assembled) 
 - Retina Display
- Supporting Frame
- Front Glass
- Digitizer/Touch Panel
White Home Button

Opening Tools, Protective Case and Screen Protector



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